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Because we don’t live in a two dimensional world

Terralink’s new StreetCam3D vehicle is capable of capturing over 1.3 million points of location data every second, driving at normal road speeds. When this high density LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology is combined with 360° imagery, the result is breathtaking - a realistic, highly accurate and measurable 3D model of the street environment.

StreetCam3D is a truly revolutionary solution for the cost effective, high-speed capture of 3D data and dynamic imaging for the following applications:

  • Environmental monitoring and planning
  • Road infrastructure management
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Utilities and telecommunications asset management
  • Surveying and engineering field capture and planning
  • Civil defence and national security planning and preparedness

New Zealand’s most accurate mobile mapping technology

The StreetCam3D system is the only one of its type in New Zealand and is planned to capture every street in the country to provide a base dataset of highly accurate 3D spatial data.

The speed of capture allows for fast and cost effective updates and maintenance.

The multiple uses and outputs of the data captured can benefit many areas
of the organisation, meaning better use of budgets and resources.

To learn more about how StreetCam3D can help your organisation save time and money, download the StreetCam3D information sheet or contact StreetCam3D Manager Iain Bramwell  on 0508 483 772.


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